Buy Snowman Ornament Card from 3D Paper Greetings. Martha teaches you how to turn holiday cards into paper ornaments and gives a sneak peek at what is coming up on the show. Create these colorful paper ornaments for your Christmas tree. The folded sections are inserted into notched rings, which hold them into place without glue. Christmas; Paper; Sewing; Wood; My Home(s) Illinois House Tour; Tennessee House. A selection of 10 paper craft ornament activities for children age five to adults and seniors. New Archaeology has some unusual paper ornaments on its Christmas Page.

3D Christmas Paper Ornaments

  • Style Hive has some Jessica at Lost Button Studio has some lovely 3D stars.
  • How to make astounding Paper and card Christmas Decorations that will be the talk of your neighbourhood.
  • Free printable template to make a three-dimensional paper Santa ornament.
  • You can draw Christmas ornaments onto your tree, or paint ornaments on. You can glue beads onto your paper tree and you can also paint the popsicle stick trunk brown.
  • Some ornaments are fun and unique, while others are more traditional.
  • We made a simple triangle tree (using 3 panels) and a dreidel (using 4) to illustrate this project.

More information about 3D Christmas Paper Ornaments on the site: http://

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