The ornaments range in all sizes and and forms based on Chrismon patterns from the simple to the complex. Earlier symbols showed Latin and Greek letters denoting Christ. Here’s another interesting site on Chrismon-like ornaments. Chrismon Tree (click on tree for larger own variations, often based on patterns in several small books available from the Ascension Lutheran Church. Click here to . This page has been renamed. They come in various sizes and their patterns can be repeated to include several sets of the Chrismon ornaments on the tree. com Chrismon Ornaments & More! 100,000 Stores.

Chrismon Ornament Patterns

  • Chrismon trees are a common sight in many churches during the days Drawbaugh began making the ornaments using Spencer’s patterns.
  • Christmas ornament coloring page – Christmas Coloring Pages.
  • Comparison shop for easter egg tree Holiday Ornaments & Decor in Home & Garden.
  • Pretty and pastel ornaments to celebrate the season.
  • Easter tree, 32" tall x 24" inches wide, Base: approx.
  • You can take a carton of plain glass (or plastic) Christmas ornaments and then add your own personal touch as a gift or holiday decoration.

More information about Chrismon Ornament Patterns on the site: http://

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