Just Cross Stitch Annual Halloween Issue featuring 15 spooky designs plus 10 more fantastic projects. We'd love to hear what you think of this item Please share a comment or review below. Just Cross Stitch July/August 2012 The 2012 Christmas Ornament Preview features 11 fabrulous stitched treasures from a wide variety of designers. Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2008 Issue 005-375-0109 76 designers created these festive ornaments and include recipes and special Christmas memories. If you’re new to the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issues, or have always wanted to try them out, this might be a good way to get into them. This highly anticipated magazine features 75 projects from your favorite designers. This 2002 Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament magazine contains 75 ornament designs from favorite cross stitch designers of the time.

Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue

  • Your baby's first Christmas is special.
  • A cute baby pink shoe holds a small Christmas tree and a pink bacifier.
  • Remember baby's first Christmas with a personalized Baby Shoes Ornament.
  • Lacquered porcelain pair will become a cherished keepsake symbolizing your love.
  • Largest selection of Christmas Tree Ornaments.
  • Thousands of great ornaments to choose from.

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