average life span, purple plums, purple plum: Yes contrary to most peoples thoughts trees also get old and die and do have life spans. Botanists know the Purple Leaf Plum tree as Prunus cerasifera. The clone is valued for its fruit, not as an ornamental. An ornamental plum tree, also known as the Purple Leaf Plum, is an ideal landscaping tree. A thundercloud purple plum ornamental will glorify any house landscape, no matter how dull. Prunus Cerasifera Nigra flowering cherry tree varieties. Yes, ask your local garden center for the "ornamental purple leaf plum" tree.

Ornamental Purple Plum

  • The purple-leaved plum tree is a dramatic ornamental tree.
  • It is usually selected for its abundant and stunning display of pink flowers and lush reddish-purple leaves.
  • Very popular choice of Ornamental Plum with it's black/purple leaves and stems making a wonderful backdrop to the pretty pin flowers which appear in March and April.
  • Purple leaf plum is a small deciduous tree commonly planted for its deep reddish-purple leaves and white/pale pink flowers that are among the first to appear in spring.
  • Q: I live in Austin, Texas, and have an ornamental, purple-leaf plum.
  • It gets full afternoon sun and morning shade.

More information about Ornamental Purple Plum on the site: http://image44.webshots.com

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