The Legendary Pickle Hanging a pickle as a decoration on a Christmas tree is the basis of a traditional German game for the whole family. com and Squidoo and began his own tradition of hiding a small glass pickle ornament in the family Christmas tree. placed on the Christmas tree was always a pickle carefully hidden deep in the Production of blown glass Christmas Pickle ornaments began in the 1890s. The myth of the German pickle Christmas tree ornament: die Weihnachtsgurke. I have a pickle hanging on our tree too. We never had one growing up and mom my gifted me the ornament a few years back simply for the reason that I love pickles. Pickle Tree Ornament Giving gifts have been part of our culture for the longest time. We give gifts to our loved ones to show our appreciation and love for them.

Pickle Tree Ornament

  • A pickle used as decoration on a Christmas tree seems odd at first, but it is an old German tradition.
  • What's a Christmas Pickle? Every year some American families hide a pickle ornament deep in the boughs of their Christmas tree for the children to find.
  • Christmas Tree Ornament – Pickle – medium.
  • Legendary Pickle LEGEND OF THE CHRISTMAS PICKLE A pickle is used as decoration on the Christmas tree seems odd at first, but it is an old German tradition.
  • The Christmas pickle has been blamed on the German people for years.
  • The Christmas Pickle is a German tradition related to the Christmas tree.

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